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If you had an issue with your car you wouldn’t take it to your local car wash to get it looked at, would you? No offense to guys at the car wash, but chances are they are not as experienced as a mechanic. In that same line of thought, if you have a foundation issue you shouldn’t just any handyman whose number you found online. Call some Foundation Repair Specialists better yet called the experts at Lubbock Foundation Repair. We can quickly come in and take a look at your potential issue and point you in the right direction to get it fixed promptly. The best part is that we will actually give you a free estimate!

Cracks In Walls and Doors

One of the first signs of a potential foundation problem is to start seeing cracks on walls, windows, and doors. Doors will also tend to get stuck and become tougher to open. We know that these can also be clear signs of other issues. Like a leak in one of the interior water pipes that travel through your home or business. Although this may not be a foundation issue specifically it is something that could cause a foundation issue down the line. Therefore, it is something we can help with and a service that we can give you a free estimate on!

Sinking Floors

If you begin to notice that your floors are developing bumps or slopes you could be facing a Pier and beam problem. What we would advise you to do in this situation is to stay out of basements or crawl spaces that you may have in your home. Then of course call or contact us right away. These problems can get real ugly real quick if they are not taken care of properly.

Cracks On Driveways & Sidewalks

If you start seeing that you have cracks in any type of flooring chances are we can help you get them fixed quickly. The sooner you call in the more options you will have on how to fix these problems without having to give your floors a complete makeover. We work with both foam and epoxy injections to repair cracks. In certain cases, we would recommend applying both types of chemicals to different areas of your home. The estimate is free, we are sure you have heard by now, but we just wanted to remind you!

Avoid Do It Yourself Solutions

A quick Google search of any of the services that we offer will usually promptly lead you to a Youtube video that will “guide you” step by step towards fixing any potential issue that you may face on your own. While this may seem like a nice alternative to save some hard-earned cash it could turn out to be a more costly way to of fixing these issues. People without the proper training in foundation repair me recommended “fixes” that your foundation does not need. Not everything is as easy as loosening or tightening screws. Why risk inflicting more damage to your foundation when our estimates are free?


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