House Leveling

The story says that the wise man built his house on rock and the house withstood longer than the one that the not so wise man built on sand. Of course, we are paraphrasing here and we don’t want to offend anybody by doing so, so please excuse us if we missed parts of the story! While it would certainly be wise to build on harder soil none of the people in this story lived in Lubbock. Around here and most other areas of Texas, we really don’t have much choice and we have to build on expansive soil. This type of soil can cause more damages on a yearly basis than natural disasters. As it contracts with the lack of water and expands when there is too much of it giving the structures on top of it a very wild ride. We have custom designed products that will work for any home, and the expertise to install them properly. We get things done right the first time.

How Long Do These Repairs Take?

We really can’t put a timetable on all repairs. All we can say is that obviously the quicker you tend to a developing issue the shorter the time it will typically take to repair. We will provide a custom solution that fits the needs of your home.

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