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From the name Lubbock Foundation Repair, we kind of give away the type of services we offer. If you are not too familiar with what a foundation repair service though you will probably be surprised to find out the extensive amount of services we offer. Obviously inspecting homes or buildings to find and repair cracks or issues with their foundation is our main service. Yet, thanks to the equipment and team of experts we employ yo cover these issues we can take care of a lot of other things. Pretty much any repair around the home that would need some form of excavation is something that we typically cover. These can be heavy duty jobs that normal plumbers or even landscapers won’t touch just based on the fact that they don’t have the equipment to do so!

Not all of our services involve having to dig deep into the ground though. Sometimes we can use a method of injection. We can also handle very superficial issues like fixing cracks in concrete and other types of floors. By applying a tight seal that will make sure that the crack does not expand to other parts of the surface. So whether you are specifically looking for a foundation repair contractor, or have many heavy duty issues around your home or business that need to be fixed you can give us a call! Our main line-up of services includes:

  • PolyLevel Injection
  • Pier and Beam Repair
  • House Leveling
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