Pier & Beam Repair


Pier & Beam Repair

If you have a serious issue that requires Pier and beam repair chances are you will notice! Your floors will begin to feel like they are sinking. The only benefit that we could think could come from experiencing these problems is that you could use your living room carpet as your own practice putting green. As it will tend to develop a downward slope that even the top golf courses in the area would envy! Bad jokes aside, a pier and beam issue could be very dangerous to your home’s well being. Piers and beams are the pillars that hold most of your home upright. We would think that you would want to keep it that way!

What Causes Pier and Beam Issues?

We usually preach that proper maintenance can help you out a lot. As it can potentially let you or experts detect potential issues before they turn into a big problem. When it comes to Pier and beam houses around Texas the reality is that they will develop foundation issues almost regardless of what you do! Soil erosion around these parts seems to be a lot more accelerated than in other areas of the country. This will cause your home to develop some form of issue sooner or later. Call Lubbock Foundation Repair to get it checked out and make sure that you are still fine!

Crawl Spaces Become Vulnerable

Tornadoes are usually the natural disaster that most Texans are afraid of. That is why many homes have basements or crawl spaces. These are usually created by a pier and beam foundation holding up the floor above them. Many old Texas houses have them. If you live in an old Texas house with a basement it may be time to give us a call!

How Are These Issues Fixed?

What we usually do is install new piers that are made out of steel giving you a permanent solution for your homes foundation.

Pricing Concerns

The first thing that we want to make perfectly clear before we get into concerns about the price is that Pier and beam issues are a serious matter that should not be taken lightly and only get worse with time. We will provide a custom solution that fits the needs of your home, so the price of each project varies.

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