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Legacy Supportworks isn’t just a contracting company. We’re also people. People who have families and own homes and appreciate when things are done right. We see our work as more than just fixing a problem. We see it as improving homes. And improving homes means improving neighborhoods, and then improving our community. That’s what gives our work meaning, because after all, we’re part of the community, too!
Legacy Supportworks is part of a large North American network of contractors dedicated to the same standard of service and quality we are. We partner with Supportworks®, the leading manufacturer and supplier of products for our type of specialized contracting in foundation and concrete repair.
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We believe the bar for an exceptional customer experience can be set so high that mediocrity in the contracting world is simply no longer accepted or tolerated. That starts with the quality of products and solutions we offer to the level of service we deliver. It grows one solid home, one strong building, and one pleased customer at a time.

Quick question, when was the last time that you had your home’s foundation looked at? A lot of people tend to a lot of issues that may come up around the house, but some reason they almost always forget to ask a very important question. Is my holding up alright? When we say this we mean literally holding up! Foundation problems are more common amongst homes that have been standing for a couple of decades. Yet newer homes, are not exempt from these types of issues. At Lubbock’s Top Rated Foundation Repair Company we can help you with that, and so much more!

About Us

At Lubbock’s Top Rated Foundation Repair Company we are a part of a large family of companies that provide foundation repair services all over Texas. We have been specifically tasked with taking care of the residents of Lubbock and the surrounding areas. And that is exactly what we have done for years. Tending to houses that have experienced foundation issues due to the effects of father time and also helping people out that may have just been ripped off by a construction company. We know how much have invested in your home or business building and would never like to see it come crumbling down! That is why we even provide free estimates and check-ups. At Lubbock’s Top Rated Foundation Repair Company we want to keep Lubbock on solid ground!

Our Services

We obviously provide services to help repair the foundation and concrete of homes and buildings in order to keep them standing. We are not a one trick pony though. There are plenty of things that we can do to help you with any surface issues. From fixing floor cracks to re-leveling entire homes our team of experts is fully equipped to handle the multiple issues that could eventually present themselves.

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PolyLevel Injection

Foam injection is a process that has been around since the 1960’s compared to other building techniques it is relatively new. In the past few decades as technology has advanced its use has become more and popular. We use it to provide services like concrete leveling. The foam can restore your concrete without the mess or cost of replacement.

Pier & Beam Repair

Pier and beam systems are a very common way to even out a home that was built on uneven terrain. It basically consists of pillars that are holding up the entire structure. If these pillars wear down and can no longer hold up the weight properly this could spell disaster for a home or building. Our team of experts can come in to repair our replace pier and beam systems to ensure that your home will remain upright for many more years to come!

House Leveling ​

This is also a very common issue with houses built on an uneven patch of land. The soil beneath it will still be subject to erosion and shifts that are natural to earth. Over time this could literally shift the balance of the entire building. You like it happened to that tower over in Italy. We bet you won’t want to leave your house though and have it stand there as a landmark! That is why we provide house leveling services to the people of Lubbock and the surrounding areas.

Free Estimate

If you think you may have a foundation issue or want to get some small cracks in the concrete evaluated by professionals don’t wait! Don’t stick your figure in the wind and make that the only estimate you have of how much does foundation repair cost. We can provide free estimates to all of those in doubt. Call or contact us today to get a team from the Best foundation repair company to pay you a visit. We will come in and take a look at your potential issues for free!

My company’s warehouse is constantly receiving heavy duty traffic. After a couple of months, we started noticing cracks in the concrete floors, but we really didn’t pay much attention until it got really bad. We then called Lubbock Foundation Repair, they came in and repaired all of the issues quickly. Then recommended that next time we call them up earlier. We will certainly continue to use them as our go-to repair guys! - Richard F

We just recently bought a new home and we really had no idea that it could potentially have a foundation problem. A friend recommended that we call Lubbock Foundation Repair. They came in inspected our home and assured us everything was fine. Then they literally left without billing it us at all! That is what I call great service! - Samantha R

We have a summer home outside of town on family property that had been built by our grandparents. We loved our little getaway spot until it started coming apart. This time we decided we couldn’t repair it ourselves we called in the pros at Lubbock Foundation Repair and they took care of literally everything. If we would have waited a couple of months we may not have had a house to repair! Thank you, guys! - Marvin B

Contact Us

Speaking of giving us a call, our customer service people would love to hear from you. Whether you are having doubts about exactly how we handle the services that we offer, or what insurance companies we work with you can always get them answered by giving us a call.