Foam Injection

Foam injection is a process that we can use to fix multiple problems around your home. From using at a seal to potentially bring two concrete slabs that were broken apart back together, to using it in wooden structures and even to lift and stabilize your entire foundation. It is a relatively simple process in which the foam is applied to the affected area and then left to try almost like glue. Of course, things tend to get a little more complex when applying it to stabilize a house, but the process is very similar.

Sidewalks And Driveways

Sidewalks and driveways are usually places that tend to crack constantly. Especially if the original layout of the concrete or pavement was not done correctly. In these cases where the terrain was not smoothened out correctly before placing the concrete over it, it will be more prone to crack or break off. In certain cases, we can fix cracks and even completely “stitch” back parts of the concrete that have broken off by applying a foam injection. It could be a good alternative to redoing your entire driveway!

Pools and Outdoor Areas

Texas heat can really reach record levels in the summer. That is why it is not uncommon to see a lot of houses with pools in their backyards. The combination of concrete, tiles, and water though is usually not a long-term stable relationship. Over time the concrete around and even in the pool will inevitably begin to crack. Especially when it is not given the proper maintenance. Since Texas is known for having extreme weather where you can get a very hot climate during some months of the year then, experience cold winters this does not go well for concrete structures. If they began to crack or break we can also apply a foam injection to help them out!

Walls & Other Structures

A cracked floor is one thing that you can usually put off fixing for quite a while. At least until it really becomes a hazard to walk or drive on. If your walls are the ones that begin to crack and feel like they can come crumbling down at any moment that is an entirely different issue. For one it makes you feel like you are living in a horror movie, and the second and most important issue is that these cracks in the walls are usually an indicator of a more complex problem. Our guys can come in, evaluate your situation fix what needs to be fixed and why not apply foam injections on your walls to get them back to normal.

Don’t Put Off Giving Us A Call

A Lot of the issues that we just described usually have easy fixes if they are taken care of in a timely manner we can also handle bigger jobs under the house. Don’t wait until going up your driveway feels like an off-roading experience to give us a call. After all, we provide free estimates, so what do you have to lose?


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